Case Resolution


Case resolution is a mechanism established by the Ministry of Children and Youth Services under the "Making Services Work for People" framework to ensure that children and youth with urgent and complex needs are identified, and that appropriate service options are developed. Service providers are encouraged to be flexible within their mandates and work creatively within available resources to meet the needs of children with complex special needs.

Where the existing service system is not able to meet the needs of the child/youth, that child/youth must be referred to the local Case Resolution mechanism. Children/youth reviewed through Case Resolution are determined to be at risk, need consideration for specialized support due to the complexity of service needs, and service needs are beyond the capacity of the local service system and the family. Prior to implementing Case Resolution, community services, resources and processes must have been exhausted.


Each region of the province has a case resolution process. There are a number of prerequisites prior to organizing Case Resolution Conferencing. In the Sudbury/Manitoulin region, Level 1 Case Conferences, Clinical Community Management Table Consultations and Level 2 Case Conferences are some of the necessary steps prior to going to Case Resolution.


The Children's Community Network takes a lead role in the process. Service coordinators at the Children's Community Network may meet with the families, obtain the necessary consents, gather the needed information and present the summaries outlining the issue/barriers that need to be resolved and the supports required. Families/legal guardians actively participate in the process.