Central Access


CCN is the central access point for Ministry of Children and Youth Services and Ministry of Community and Social Services funded programs for children 0-18 and their families in the Sudbury and Manitoulin districts.

As the central access agency, we complete a family centered intake process with the young person and family, and together with them, identify their needs and the most appropriate services and supports available to them in their community and complete the referral(s) on their behalf.


We complete Intakes for a number of local children's agencies/programs:

Child and Family Centre

The Child and Family Centre is a mental health agency offering counselling and treatment services for children and youth as well as specialized services for children with a global developmental delay.

Child Care Resources
Child and Community Resources is a non-profit agency which provides many services and supports to parents and children to support a good quality of life for children in the early years and those with special needs, including autism.

Children's Treatment Centre

The Children's Treatment Centre is a rehabilitation facility providing assessment, treatment, consultation and education to children and youth with motor and communication impairments.

Infant and Child Development Services

Infant and Child Development Services is a home-based early intervention service for infants and children from birth to five years, who have, or are at risk for a developmental delay, including premature infants.

Wordplay provides a full range of accessible speech/language services to preschool children. CCN refers to this program in rural areas, however families in Sudbury may refer themselves to this program directly.
Addiction Services

The Addiction Services program through North Bay Regional Health Centre provides assessments and treatment for persons with substance abuse issues. CCN refers to this program in rural areas only.

We can also make referrals to many local programs, including Triple P, a system of proven parenting solutions. We also assist youth and their families in the transition to school and to adult services. We provide up to date information about services for children in our community and can assist families in accessing needed resources. We are service navigators.

The agencies we refer to may have some waiting lists. CCN can help a person identify interim supports that can assist them during the waiting period. If a person's needs change while waiting for service, they are encouraged to call CCN to provide an update and to consider whether referrals to other services are required.